Sophie-Jan M.

Sophie-Jan M.

Czech Republic37 y36 y experience

G’day to all of you amazing pet owners out there! I’m Sophie-Jan, an Aussie, who’s grown up surrounded by nature & animals - both wild and tame, so I absolutely adore all creatures great and small… I’ve even been named the Animal Whisperer!

I’m a friendly, patient, energetic, mature, and experienced pet carer & house sitter. I’ve spent the past 14 years working in Europe with animals, plus kids of all ages; as a pet sitter, au pair, nanny, tutor, and teacher!

I’m currently living in Prague, but I’m willing to relocate elsewhere, ASAP! I’m committed to being a trustworthy, efficient person, who will work part, or full-time as required. I have a part-time online teaching position, placing me as an ideal candidate, who can stay at your home to give your fur babies constant care and comfort 😊 I'm interviewing for pet sitting opportunities in Europe, or the UK. These are ideal locations for me, as I intent to travel with Tiglet, my guinea pig, so I hope that’s ok.

Tiglet, being such a social creature, would love to meet your fur babies – he has just lost his big brother, my beloved Pacey - a Tibetan Terrier who sadly left us at the young age of 7. After being diagnosed with cancer, Pacey dog showed such amazing strength, and we were able to get him into remission for almost 6 months. Because of this, I am well experienced with handling animals with special needs. I am very good at soothing and calming an animal. I can hold them properly, with a loving, but firm manner, to administer medications, e.g. eye drops, and oral medicine. I can use syringes, and I even have a magic trick for giving pills!

Please know that pet sitting has presented itself to me, as the best opportunity for me now to heal, and continue forward in life! I am happy to help with dog walking, training, pet sitting, pet grooming, administering medications, or overnight care. If you’d like to know more, I’d be happy to tell you… Hope to hear from you soon! Warm wishes, Sophie-Jan

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Time: agreed individually (can start immediately)

Experience: 36 y

Pet sitting


  1. Dogs (4 or more)

  2. Cats

  3. Birds

  4. Rodents

  5. Reptiles


Dog's size

  1. Small, up to 10 kg

  2. Medium, 10-20 kg

  3. Large, 20-40 kg

  4. Very large, above 40 kg



Courses: nanny courses, first aid courses

Languages: English